The Shape Of Things To Come!

Is there a shape or an image that you notice all the time? Some sort of icon that just keeps popping up in your life. Funny hey?

Perhaps it's a dragonfly, unicorn, daisy, rainbow or star.

For me it the shape of a heart. And when I see one, it's like I'm getting a personal "wink" from the universe.


Like this morning when I opened the door to my 6am yoga class. Why does the heart shape make me feel happy? I don't know. Perhaps it's harks back to when I was given a heart shaped locket for by 8th birthday. Memories are long lasting!


I've given and received heart shaped treasures all my life. One of my most loved, 2 heart shaped cake tins my sister gave me. How can I not think of her every time I use them?


Keep an eye out for your own universals "winks" - they're out there - you just have to notice them.

Enjoy your creative life, Jules