Creating Your Own Rituals!

Is there something you like to do simply for yourself? A ritual that makes you feel good?

  • coffee at a certain table

  • wearing a specific item of clothing or jewellery

  • walking a down a street you love or past a building you admire

Each morning for the past seven years, a small bunch of frangipani and or gardenias has been placed near the steps at the beach where I walk and have coffee. It’s the ritual of a local lady who swims there each day. She picks the flowers on her way down to the water.


A simply ritual that gives her pleasure - her simple yet beautiful offering to the world.


As we end one year and begin another, I hope you discover a special ritual in your own life - something that brings you joy every time you do it. Have a beautiful holiday and festive season, and as always……

Enjoy your creative life! Jules xx