How Much Love Can A Doll Give?

Take a ball of wadding, pretty floral fabric and some cotton cording  - What could a child possibly get from that?

A friend to bring you comfort, a companion to share your adventures and a confidant to listen to your dreams.  


These beautiful handmade dolls are the wonderful creation of Gill Gray, Director of, Friends of Build Your Future Today Australia. An NGO organisation dedicated to helping Cambodian communities build skills for self-sustainability, education, health and employment.


Gill makes each unique doll by hand and no sewing is required. There are girl and boy dolls, each one brought to life by tying cord to form the head, body, legs and arms. Ultimately, the aim is for these dolls to end up in the arms of Cambodian children. It's hard to imagine, but for these children holding one of these dolls is usually the first toy they've ever had. 

I recently had the privilege of buying one of Gill's dolls and I just had to share my experience with you.

So, how does this work? With the doll comes a greeting card in which you write your message. The NGO receives your donation, a child receives the doll and card you've purchased for them and you receive a doll kit in a drawstring bag - one to make yourself. What an amazing gift!

One completed doll and doll kit. How fabulous!

One completed doll and doll kit. How fabulous!

Gill has found a truly creative way to raise not only well needed money, but also build awareness about this amazing cause. If you're interested in donating a doll to a child in Cambodia, you can email Gill at, or text/phone on 0409 783 295. She'll be delighted to hear from you.

Photo by Gill Gray

Photo by Gill Gray

I think this picture says it all!

Enjoy your creative life, Jules