Back To Basics - The Tee-Shirt

Lately I’ve been re-discovering my love of a few wardrobe basics. So, for the next 4 blog posts, I’m going to profile 4 basic items that I think are worth a re-visit. This week it’s the humble tee-shirt.

Our tee-shirts often languish in the depths of our wardrobe but honestly, they’re a great little “go to” item when you want to keep your outfit, simple, low-key and comfortable.

  • Cutaway sleeve

  • Sleeveless

  • Short Sleeve or long

  • High neck

  • Round neck

  • Crew Neck

  • Neutrals and Colours

  • Motifs and Words of Inspiration

The style variations are endless. Here’s a few looks I’ve been wearing lately.


As basic as it gets - great on sweltering summers day.


Find a colour you love that works with what you already have. This tee-shirt is new but the camo pants are an old favourite.


Everyone needs a little merci!


The ultimate classic that suits everyone. A blue and white stripe tee-shirt in a semi fitted cut.

IMG_6158[1] copy.jpg

I just had to buy this sequinned tee-shirt when I saw if - Billy’s convinced it’s him!

If you’ve been bypassing the good old tee-shirt, check out what you have in your wardrobe. Like me, you might be ready to love them again.

Enjoy your creative life, Jules