Creative Kids Who Care!

While walking the dog last weekend, I came across this lamp post and it stopped me in my tracks. The writing is a little difficult to read so I've written out the text for you.


Top poster

Top poster - Environmentally Friendly. You can help the environment by not using plastic bags. Bio: We would all appreciate if you would put any rubbish in a nearby bin and pick up after a dog or pet with environmentally friendly bags. Thank you for understanding!!! Please tick here if you care. It’s up to our generation to save the world! By Stella and Lucy

Bottom poster - Tones of plastic finds its way into the water. It’s up to you to stop that. The neighbours of Balmoral would appreciate if you reduced the amount of paper you use. We can save the world if we work together!!! Please tick here if you agree. We really need help to save the world. By Stella and Lucy

What a thought provoking message. I agreed, so I ticked the box. But I hope these girls feel they are not alone in their care for this beautiful world of ours. We're with you Stella and Lucy! 

Enjoy your creative life, Jules