Creating A Floral Arrangement

I love flowers! A mass of sunflowers in a jug, lilies in a glass vase or a small posy of sweet peas on my bedside table.

Every now and then I do a more formal floral arrangement. It's far easier to do than it looks and it's fun. Here's what you need. Buy a couple of bunches of your favourite flowers and a bunch of foliage. Choose flowers that have a fairly strong stem.


And some floral foam, also called oasis, which you can buy from most discount stores. 


Cut the foam block to the required size and sit it inside a plastic frame or take-away container. Place the foam block inside a plastic dish. Pour water all over the foam block and allow it to stand for about 10 minutes so the foam can absorb the water.


Lay your flowers out so you can reach them easily. You'll need gardening shears or sharp scissors to cut the steams of each flower on an angle. This makes it easier to push the stems into the water filled foam. For this arrangement, I ended up using a round dish with the foam block attached - they're about $3 to buy.


Step 1 - Use the green foliage to create the initial shape of the arrangement. In this case, I'm going to make a rectangular shape.


Step 2 - Then add the larger flowers to give height in the middle and length to the ends.


Step 3 - Lastly, push the remaining flowers into the oasis, making sure the plastic dish underneath becomes hidden. Use any left over bits and pieces to fill any gaps in your arrangements. When completed, stand you arrangement in the sink and give the foam another good soaking.


Finally, place your arrangement where you can enjoy it every day. For me, that's on the table outside my kitchen window. If you water the foam block regularly, your arrangement will last for ages. 


Or better still........give your beautiful floral arrangement to someone you love! xx


Enjoy your creative life, Jules

Before you go - I've just found these photos of an arrangement I made for the holiday season last December. Seriously, this is so easy to do and now you know how. Enjoy.


Happy Holidays! xx