Creating Art To Music

I've always loved art created by children and recently worked on an art activity with a group of 10 year olds, many of whom felt they were not "artistic". I asked them to let their hand wander over the page and to draw whatever came to mind as they listened to 3 different pieces of music - classical, rock and jazz. At first glance they felt their drawings looked like nothing but scribbles and swirls. That was until they rendered each piece using paint, pastels, pens and pencils. 


The result? The gorgeous cards pictured above and a group of children excited to have created their own "art".


The same music inspiring totally different interpretations.


I could imagine this pink and orange painting being printed onto fabric. And what a beautifully simple image of a red flower. Makes me happy just looking at it.


Why not not try this exercise yourself? All you need is some paper, a black pen and a piece of music. You'll never know what you might create.

Enjoy your creative life, Jules