For The Record!

There's a love affair happening world wide - t's the massive revival of the enjoyment of Vinyl Records.
And according to Forbes, record sales have grown 260%  since 2009.  But why? 


A generation has grown up listening to CD and digital files. Music has become, portable, instant and constantly available. Perhaps even isolating.

Record aficionados say the sound you get from an LP is warmer and fills the room in a way digital music can't. For those of us who grew up buying records, they're the vessel that transports us back to our youth.

So what's happening when your in a room and someone puts on a record?
Everyone wants to talk about,

  • the artist
  • the era
  • the album cover
  • what they were wearing at the time
  • where they were when they first heard the music
  • seeing the artist live

I'd like to think that the revival of the record player and records might simply come come down to our love of sharing experience with others. A room full of music, talk and laughter is a great place to be.

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Enjoy your creative life, Jules